Reading Text in My Context

Recently I feel like educating myself, and I have read some of “self-help books”. Now I read Takashi Saito “The Method of Utilization of Information by Three Color Ballpoint pen ”  (Kadokawa ISBN:4047041351). This book is very useful at least for me. I guess that Saito’s way of thinking and mine are similar and he made what I have done unconsciously a method. So I could understand what he wanted to say and do his method easily.
There are many helpful points for me, but I will write about one of them. When he is reading writing, he marks objectively most important parts in red, relatively important parts in blue, and subjectively important for himself in green. He insists not only red parts but also blue parts are important.
“To meet the context of your own implicit knowledge and the context of the information itself…. To meet the context of your implicit knowledge gives information its own value…. You give information which you come across your own value. This is the essential way of reading information.” Red and blue parts show the context of information itself, and green parts show the context of your own implicit knowledge.
Though I have not made it method, I must have mixed the author’s context and mine to find meanings which are important for me, whenever I read a book. Quotations in my weblog are green part in Saito’s three color ballpoint pen method. Most of my texts have my own value.
Saito’s three color ballpoint pen method could make what I have done in reading a book deeper.