Never get used to cruelty of suicide bombing

Recently I have heard podcast of National Public Radio ( Almost everyday NPR broadcasts news of suicide bombing in Iraq. Not only soldiers of U.S. and Iraq and policeman of Iraq but also general citizens are killed.
I saw a movie called “Munich” directed by Steven Spielberg. It is a story of Israeli assassins who try to kill Palestinian guerrillas as retaliation for the death of members of Israel team in Munich Olympic Game killed by Palestinian guerrillas.
It is true that Israeli assassins and Palestinian guerrillas do not hesitate to kill someone and are very cruel, but they take a lot of time and money in preparing assassinations to survive and avoid killing general citizens. Suicide bombing is very easy and cruel because they never think of saving lives.
Some people glorify “Kamikaze”. I'm awfully sorry for soldiers who did Kamikaze attack but Kamikaze is as cruel as suicide bombing. Even though the war situation was bad, commanders who ordered Kamikaze attack would lose their moral values and should be strictly criticized. Never hide their cruelty behind soldiers.
I never insult terrorists who abet suicide bombing, whatever opinion they have. Never get used to cruelty of suicide bombing.