On the Way Back Home from a Welcome Party

I had a dream last night.
In it, I changed my job and started to work in some government office. On the way back home from a welcome party for me I am drunken very much.
We take a train of the Chiyoda line to Yoyogiuehara. Two seats are empty. It is said that freshmen should be seated after a welcome party, and I am seated.
I have adult DVDs in my bag, I am anxious that a drunken colleague will tell me to show inside of my bag in fun.
At that moment I become unconscious.
I find myself sitting alone in a train. I wonder why I wear pajamas and hold adult DVDs in my hands. My business suits are scatter around me.
I take my suits and look around. The train is stopping on a platform. I get off the train to the platform, and I find here is Kitasenju although I took the train of Chiyoda line to Yoyogiuehara.
I think it is strange that I wear pajamas; I am going to change suits there although some people are standing around. But suits are too dirty to wear, and I am standing on the platform with nothing on.