Web 2.0 for Me

We can communicate to all over the world through the Internet. But I had not utilized the Internet fully, and I had communicated just within Japan. Although sometimes I had read news by some foreign newspapers’ websites, I had not sent a message to foreign people.
I have used a weblog service of Hatena (http://d.hatena.ne.jp/). It is high functional and easy to use, and I like its design very much. But it is basically a service only for Japanese, and people who use Hatena’s service are almost Japanese and write journals in Japanese language.
I had been satisfied to write journals in Japanese and to know some of Japanese people in Hatena’s world. But I changed my mind by encountering Twitter and Facebook.
Twitter and Facebook are international services. On Twitter and Facebook many of languages are used and the main of them is English. Although I had not doubted that I sent a message only to Japanese people in Japanese language at all when I was in Hatena’s world, I began to doubt that since I used Twitter and Facebook.
So I began to write my weblog on Hatena (http://d.hatena.ne.jp/yagian/) and on Twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/yagian) in both of Japanese and English, and made a new weblog on BlogSpot (http://yagian.blogspot.com/) where I am writing only in English. I am writing journals on Lang-8 (http://lang-8.com/220806) which are corrected by native speakers and I correct what foreign people who are learning Japanese write. I am getting overseas followers and readers little by little and begin to feel connected to all over the world through the Internet.
Twitter and Facebook are just Web 2.0 for me.