"Studenting" with all one's might

My wife and I watched the film "The Social Network".
I had made a reservation of tickets of the day before and they didn't refund my money, so I had to pay twice as much. But this film was worth 3,600 yen.
The story of "The Social Network" is that Facebook had been developed for a communication tool in Harvard University and as it was spreading all over the world, the main character in this film, Mark Zuckerberg, was involved in many troubles. I was impressed with a lot of rapid conversations in this film.
I think that it is a quite all American story. I can understand the culture of American universities by this film.
Although Zuckerberg's origin isn't descried in this film, he might be an ordinary student, who is quite excellent but doesn't have any special connections. He wears a Gap's hoodie and a backpack. He wants to be a member of the final club (like a fraternity), but he doesn’t have any connections with the final club.
On the other hand the Winklevoss brothers, who are enemy roles with Zuckerberg in this film, are typical and conservative Ivy Leaguers. They are rowers. The president of Harvard told cynically that they looked like salesmen of Brooks Brothers.
Of course Zuckerberg desires to be rich, but wants to be recognized by other people more, I guess. His friend, who is a co-founder of Facebook, advised him to put advertisements on Facebook, but Zuckerberg refused it because advertisements are not cool. He has been wearing a Gap hoodie, after he became a millionaire. I think that he likes and hates the establishments, who belong to the final club in Harvard University.
It is quite interesting that the Winklevoss brothers, who are born rich men, persist in business success by their own idea more than Zuckerberg.
Anyway I think that it is great for Zuckerberg and the Winklevoss brothers to do put their all into what they can do things only in their school days. I heard that recently Japanese university students start to find their jobs wearing business suits in the second grade. But companies might not appreciate such students' efforts to find their jobs. A student, who does things like student, gets higher evaluation.
I guess that a student life in America is tough and conflicted and students distress themselves. But I envy the culture of American universities in which a student can be "Studenting" with all one's might.