The Calligraphy in New Year’s Day “Kakizome”

I made a calligraphy work in New Year’s Day, so called “Kakizome”.
It is not worth showing on the Internet, but it makes me have more incentive to show my works.
I cited the phrase of the Chinese poet “A Thousand Characters (Senjimon)”, which is used for practices of calligraphy. “A Thousand Characters” is constituted a thousand different characters, which is similar to “Iroha Uta” in Japanese.
I made it in the old Chinese style called “Tensho Tai”, which was used to curving a seal. You might see its style of character in a signboard of a Japanese restaurant
The phrases which I wrote is “性静情逸、守真志満”. It means, “If one’s true nature is quiet, one could escape from upset of one’s mind. If one keeps moral, one could satisfy oneself.”
I am willing to live in such ways in this year.