Getting Courage, Getting Energy

In my entry of New Year’s Day (id:yagian:20110101:1293808032) I linked a video in which Satchmo was singing “What a Wonderful World”. How wonderful his voice is! I can’t look away from his deep smile.
He lived in the American South where racial discrimination was very severe and might live a very tough life, but his song “What a Wonderful World” is really “wonderful”. I am deeply moved to find his history of struggling against many ordeals behind his smile.
I saw Keisuke Kuwata singing on the NHK's annual year-end grand song festival “Kohaku Uta Gassen”. He completely looked as usual, although it was a big comeback from cancer. I guess he might have a very tough time, so I didn’t know how I should listen to his song “The Truth Is, Romance and Love Are Dreadful” (Honto Wa Kowai Love To Romance), which is very light and nonsense. I was just moved.
I saw the scene of Shiki Masaoka’s death on the drama “Clouds Over the Slope” (Saka no Ue no Kumo) last year’s end. His essays “In the sickbed 180cm long” (Byosyo Roku Syaku) and “Essays writing on his back” (Gyoga Manroku), I have mixed feeling about him. He felt very sever pain and he wrote complaints about nursing by his family. But he also wrote many essays and Japanese style poems (Haiku and Waka), made drawings, watched closely flowers in his small garden and talked with many of his friends and pupils. I wonder why he could do things such positively, and I am moved deeply.
I often hear the phrases of “getting courage” and “getting energy” are easy and cheap. But three of them really give me courage and energy.