Going to High School

I had a dream last night.
In it I am a high school junior. I don’t know why, but I had stayed away from school for a long time. I'm going to school after such a long time.
I transfer many subways with my brother, and at the end I get on an old and yellow train car of Ginza line. I arrive at an old station in old town Tokyo.
It takes a few minutes walk to the high school. My brother goes to his classroom quickly and I'm left alone.
In this high school classes are elective, and there isn’t a homeroom. I've left my timetable behind, so I don’t know which classroom I should go to.
I go into a school building, and I walk around without any plan. The outside of the building looks old, but the inside of it is renovated and super modern. Inside, there is a huge space without walls and ceilings.
It is a huge modern laboratory with high-tech equipment, and many researchers are working. One of them is eager to explain me about this equipment, and says that a high school should publish study results nowadays.
While I'm hearing his explanation, I'm just standing, because I don't know where to go.