Pleasures in Water

In my childhood I went to swimming school every Sunday. I don't remember that I loved swimming. But I might not hate going to swimming school. Maybe I thought nothing of that, and I just went swimming in habit.
After I've grown up, I thought that I should do exercise for my health. So I had tried to do some of exercises; jogging, weight training, aerobic dancing and so on. In the end I can keep up only swimming. For more than one year my wife and I have been to golf school every Saturday, and I would go to a public swimming pool nearby if I don't have any schedule on Sunday.
When I get out of home, I often feel bored with going to a swimming pool. But once I start swimming, such a feeling is gone. When I finish swimming, I feel tired but invigorated.
When I took a long vacation suffering from depression, I was hanging around home almost all day long. Sometimes I wanted to take exercise, but I got quite tired when I walked in a crowd or talked with someone, so I walked alone taking pictures of alley cats in the neighborhood and went swimming.
There were few people in the public swimming pool on a weekday. I swam three kilometers alone. I usually don't like to be in touch with people, and it was quite tough for me to meet people still much more when I suffered from depression, so I felt free and relaxed to swim alone.
When I make a turn at the end of pool, I kick the wall, stretch my arms and body straight and go into the water. It's the instance when I feel pressure. It's completely silent and gravity is gone. I feel that I'm the only one all over this world. I don't go up to the surface of water and stay going into water forever.
I'll go to swimming pool again, because I want to experience such an instant.