Making Progress Step by Step

My wife and I have been going to golf school for 14 months. At first our golf was terrible, but now we can play a round of golf by ourselves. One of the reasons we were able to make good progress is that our coach might have taught us in an appropriate way.
He doesn't teach a lot of things in one lesson. He walks around the driving range where students are practicing golf, and sometimes he stops at me and watches me hitting the ball for a while, and then he points out just one thing that will change my swing once.
I think that his good point is that he doesn't point out too many things. I may have many problems with my swing, but I can only care about one or two things at once. If he pointed out too many things for me to do, I would be confused and forget how to swing properly.
I can make a concentrated effort to improve the problem which he pointed out. When I resolve that problem, he will stop at me again and point out another thing.
I can make steady progress in golf step by step. I think I'll try to train people who work under me using his method.