It's Time to Come Back the "Real" World

I wrote "I'm living in the surreal world now." in yesterday's journal. (
When I watch the disaster area on TV, I feel that I'm living in the "surreal" world.
But it I think it should be time to come back my own "real" world.
I decided to continue my ordinary life on Sunday.
First I turned off the TV. My wife and I went outside. It's a good sunny day.
I'd like to swim and have a massage as I usually do on Sunday. But there was no swimming pool open in my neighborhood, so I just had a massage. My body, which had been stiff because of watching TV too much, got softer.
We went to a ramen shop. I felt that it's happy and precious for me to eat an ordinary ramen with my wife on Sunday.
From tomorrow I'll go to work. I've been able to prepare for it physically and mentally.
I'm thinking of what my company and I can do for the victims of the earthquake in this "real" world.