A Daily Life in Uptown Tokyo

Today is Saturday.
In the morning my wife and I went to golf school as we usually do on a Saturday. We met our coach for the first time since the earthquake. He was safe.
After we got back home, we took a nap on the floor heating like two cats. I found myself tired because I had worked hard this week.
We went to our favorite Sushi restaurant for dinner. This restaurant closes at 6:00 pm, so we arrived there at 5:00 pm. It was empty and the two of us were the only customers.
We drunk draft beer first. I felt really refreshed.
We ate Awabi and Hokkigai, which are caught off the coast of Sanriku. The chef said that these were the last Awabi and Hokkigai because the earthquake hit the coast of Sanriku. I should remember the taste of these Awabi and Hokkigai.
After we got back home, I read the New York Times on the Internet.
The New York Times is more reliable than the Japanese press after all. Japanese press just covers the information from Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Company, but the New York Times collects materials from broad sources and analyses these materials.
I've been calm today. Tomorrow we will go to see my wife’s mother.