Cherry Blossoms, Death and Rebirth

I wrote a journal about cherry blossoms and spring. (
This is a short and simple journal, but I tried to give it a deep meaning.
In Japanese literature, cherry blossoms traditionally have symbolized beauty and death. Cherry blossoms are very beautiful, but they are scattered in a short period. We feel they are more beautiful, since we can see them just in a shorter period. Maybe human lives are the same as cherry blossoms are.
We have called this feeling "aware (あわれ)" in Japanese language for a thousand years. This word is one of the most important words in Japanese literature.
I'm not a Christian, and I don't believe in God. But I feel I'm living in the great nature, which is beyond the human intellect and will.
Sometimes it give us disasters, which we can't even imagine, like this earthquake and tsunami, but also give us beauty like cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are scattered, but they will reborn next spring.
Anyway this is my own explanation of this journal. Everyone can interpret texts in their own way.