A Mysterious Woman

My company had given me a travel coupon for my twenty years' service, so I stayed at a luxury hot spring Japanese-style accommodation in Hakone.
I wondered what kind of people stayed such a luxury accommodation, and most of customers were inscrutable people. (My wife and I were two of such people…) I will write about most mysterious woman of them.
There were massage chairs in a lounge that was in front of a public bath. I sit on one of these chairs, and a woman got foot massage on the next chair. She looked a little younger than I. I heard that a man who gave her massage was a famous Chinese massager from Singapore. They talked each other's in Japanese and English.
She said that she was tired because she cleaned her house before she had been here. I understood the reason why she took this hot spring and had massage.
But after that she said, "I can't save money. But I willing to save money next year, so I clean my house by myself". Well, I wondered what relation was between cleaning and saving money.
And she said, "To save money I stopped to call a housekeeper, and clean my house by myself". It is true that stopping to call a housekeeper is of help to save money, but she should stop to come to such a luxury accommodation and have a massage, shouldn't she?
The reason why she would save money was to make a donation for a maintenance of roof of her elder sister's shrine. (I was not sure of relation between her and the shrine. She might own the shrine, or she might be a priest of the shrine.) The maintenance is done once in 60 years, so this is only the chance for her to make a donation.
What kind of a woman is she, whose sister owns a shrine? I found myself listen to her story with open ear.