Write it in English(translated by Yahoo)

I made Yahoo translate my Japanese journal into English in order to test how adequately Yahoo could translate (http://goo.gl/nJz0). The original text is here (id:yagian:20110126:1296032849), and the text translated into English by me is here (id:yagian:20110126:1296033242). How do you think of them?
ツィート writes the Web log as English in Japanese in English recently. An entry of the Web log is Lang-8(http://goo.gl/fuyN) I am similar and contribute it. A revision enters red-hot when I have a native look it over.
After all it has much use of "a" and "the", singular and plural use, a preposition, places such as the tense that it is got over. Actually, as for the rule that is basic by the grammar that I learned at school, judgment tends not to be available for the time being though I should understand whether it is a plural number in "some" whether it is "the" whether it is "a" here. Oh, it is got over with "the" as expected when I intend to make it "a".
I do not mind けれど, this kind of mistake very much. If they write it steadily and have you get over steadily, the mistakes will decrease slowly. In addition, because do not write an official document, and is Web log; it may reach it to want to say if is a mistake of this level. I think that I do not need to find perfection after all because it is the English that a foreigner writes.
It is a single every word and a nuance of the expression to be interested than it. I feel be irritated without understanding whether this word and expression mean what oneself wants to convey precisely.
I intended to write such a meaning last time.

"Linus of the peanut of comics likes" it. I think that he and I do a similar way of thinking, way of feeling, an action. "

In the Japanese, I use the word "that this case sympathizes" with. A word called "sympathize" comes out as English I am similar, and to support to "sympathize" with when I play a Japanese-English dictionary. (http://goo.gl/BlwmT)
I try to write it as follows first of all.

I like Linus in the comic "Peanuts", because I sympathize with him.

However, is worried about the nuance of a word of "sympathize"; and British; when played a British dictionary, came out as follows. (http://goo.gl/qf9FZ)

to feel sorry for someone because you understand their problems

The words "sympathizing" with are neutral and do not always find it in the Japanese with "to feel sorry". Perhaps the Japanese which is the nearest to "sympathize" thinks of なのだろうと to "sympathize with".
Though I think that oneself resembles Linus, I do not sympathize with you particularly. Perhaps the words called "sympathize" will not be suitable to express one's feeling precisely.
The following word comes out when I pull "sympathize" with thesaurus. (http://goo.gl/bSYpc)

ache, agree, appreciate, be in accord, be in sympathy, be kind to, be there for, be understanding, bleed for, comfort, commiserate, compassionate, comprehend, condole, empathize, feel heart go out to, go along with, grieve with, have compassion, identify with, love, offer consolation, pick on, pity, relate to, share another's sorrow, show kindliness, show mercy, show tenderness, side with, tune in, understand which improves

No word comes enough nicely. I spread it and think it whether it is "understand" if I say. Therefore I renew it as follows.

I like Linus in the comic "Peanuts", because I can understand what he feels and thinks of.