The J. G. Ballard's World

I'm reading J. G. Ballard's book "Miracles of Life".
He was born in Shanghai and his family was captured by Japanese army in World War 2. He wrote about it in his novel "Empire of the Sun".
His experience was real, but it was so severe that it seemed unreal or surreal.
The things, which are happening in Japan, seems surreal like the Ballard's world.
I have always heard that large earthquakes would happen in near future in Tokyo and Japan. In fact Tokyo was destroyed by the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. (And then Tokyo was destroyed by bombing of the American Airforce in 1945.) In 1995 the Hanshin earthquake hit Kobe.
I can understand what happens in my head, but I can't accept that it is real in my heart.
I'm living in the surreal world now.