I Am Safe at Home Now

My wife and I are safe at home now.
Yesterday my parents, wife and I went to play golf at Omiya Kokusai golf course. When I finished a round of golf and went to a clubhouse, the earthquake happened.
I saw the earth heaving like the ocean. The earth, which should be solid, seemed like liquid. The cars in the parking lot were literally jumping.
We wanted to get back home from Omiya, but all of the railways stopped. Omiya station was very crowded and in chaos.
As night was coming in, it was getting colder outside. It was good that Takashimaya department store in front of the station opened all night offering a shelter. (Thank Takashimaya very very much! I got this information from twitter. Twitter is quite useful at this time.)
At the midnight the crowds in the station were getting smaller, and we could take a taxi after standing a line in two hours.
My home is almost completely safe, but some books have fallen down.
But I feel afterquakes very often. I'm used to earthquakes, but it's first time I've had such an experience. I'm afraid of what will happen next in the Japanese islands.