My Goal of Playing Golf in This Year

I went playing golf to Omiya Kokusai Golf Club January 4th. My goal of playing golf in this year was scoring under 110, and I scored 109 strokes accomplishing this goal. Next goal is scoring under 100.
To score under 110 I should have double bogies average. In the middle hole if I put a ball near the green in two strokes and put it on the green in an approach shot, I may make three putts to have a double bogie. If I put in the banker or miss an approach shot, I can get a double bogie in two putts. I can get a bogie in three on and two putts. I can score under 110, if I avoid make too many strokes in some holes.
But to score under 100 I should have bogies average, and sometimes get pars. I have many challenges to make it.
At first carry of my driver shot is too short. Usually I use a fairway wood in my second shot on the middle hole, and it is enough to put a ball near a green. But to make two on I should make drive carry within a middle iron shot. Especially when I hit a slice, carry will be shorter. I pay attention not to be late for turning hands. Sometimes I hit on a heel of a driver, but I am not sure why it happens.
Direction of my middle iron shot is instable. Carry of each iron gets stable, so I can adjust carry of iron shots if I don’t make mistake of choice of irons. But I often miss the green, and sometimes put a ball in the banker.
I think the cause of short carry of my driver shot and instability of my middle iron shot is inaccurate of my address. I have to stand in right direction and keep same distance between my feet and a ball.
I tried to use a 52°wedge and a 56°wedge which bought recently. It is easy for me to hit a ball by them, and a shot is stopped on the green. I can certainly make an approach shot on the green. Now I try to make an approach within one putt. I use to make a pitch shot by 56°wedge, but I should use irons and many kinds of shots as the situation.
There are many things to do. This year I try to play more rounds and to have experiences.
I don’t know the expressions about golf well, so it is hard for me to write this journal.