The Motto in Business

Recently I've recovered from depression, and I get to be able to work like other people. I have energy enough to think of important things on business.
I tell myself two mottos on business.
The first one is as follows.

I tighten up on my boss and go easy on subordinates. And I tighten up on myself, but don't do it too much.

When I began to manage a project, I found that a project manager was lonely. When I worked under someone, my boss and colleagues gave me some advises at lease. But more promotion I'm getting, less advice people around me give me. I should think and make a decision by myself.
It's not good for a project manager. It's a manager that should correct more information and make a decision based on it. So I tell my boss frankly things, which even if he doesn't like to know. If he does nothing about it, that's fine. That's his decision. It's important for him to make a decision considering enough information, which he likes to know and doesn't like to know. So I tighten up on my boss.
To gather information from my subordinates, I have to open my mind to them and make them open their mind to me. I listen to what they say in earnest and I do good things of them as soon as possible. I tell them my appreciation of their advices. Basically subordinates are cautious about their boss and they never give me, as their boss, bad news. So I go easy on subordinates.
Of course I should tighten up on myself in order to have persuasion to someone. But it's hard for me to tighten up on myself and sometimes I drive myself too hard. So I tighten up on myself, but don't do it too much.
The second one is as follows.

Tell hard words in gentle manner with soft voice.

Telling frankly each other truth is vitally important in order to succeed in business. If people tell lies or things to defend their own interests, business will fail. So I try to tell frankly what I think of truth.
But the truth sometimes sounds quite hard, and makes someone angry. It makes business fail to be too emotional. So I tell hard words in gentle manner with soft voice.
Of course motto is different from what I actually do.